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Praise & Petition Journal: Watercolor

$34.00 $10.00
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Product Description

Our Praise & Petition line of journals focus on creating meaningful prayer and gratitude experiences. Our mission is to inspire women to live with more intention and purpose.

Journaling can sometimes feel overwhelming but we have created a process that makes it simple! For years I struggled to find a place to journal my prayers and gratitudes. That is why I decided to create Praise & Petition. 

Whether you are an avid journaler who is looking for more structure, or just a novice trying to be more intentional during your day, Praise & Petition is your solution!

This dated journal has two pages for each weekday and one page for Saturday and one for Sunday.  

  • Weekday pages offer space for morning meditation journaling, free journaling, and a place for reflection and gratitude journaling at the end of the day

  • Weekdays also have an inspiring quote as well as a category style checklist to use for journaling 

  • Weekend pages include a single Saturday page for weekly reflection 

  • Sunday page for worship notes as well as a space to set your intentions and prepare for the week

Praise & Petition is sure to help you streamline your thoughts and be more intentional with your journaling. Go and live with intention and purpose!


Overall Dimensions: 6.50 wide x 8.25 tall x 1.50 thick

Page Dimensions: 5.5 wide x 8 tall

  • compact
  • 328 pages
  • 6 months dated (July - December) 
  • goal setting activity at the beginning with quarterly goal review
  • 2 pages per weekday
  • weekday space for morning meditation, daily prayer and gratitude journaling, and evening reflection
  • one page for Saturday journaling
  • one page for Sunday worship notes and weekly intention setting
  • inspirational quotes on weekday pages
  • 100 gsm white paper
  • printed grey text on inside
  • inside front pocket
  • durable cover with gold strap so you can carry it with you
  • gold foil detail on cover
  • concealed gold wire-o binding so your journal lays flat when writing
  • all of our journals are wrapped in bubble wrap in ship inside a beautiful plum colored keepsake box with our signature EE Logo in gold foil on top
  • imported


There has been a ton of research on what actually happens to us when we spend time in prayer and meditation.  Benefits range from the obvious, bringing us closer to God, all the way to keeping our selfishness in check.  Those who spend time in prayer daily say that they have found themselves being more open to forgiveness, felt they had a better attitude, were more hopeful, less stressed, and had a better understanding of themselves.  I can attest that journaling my gratitude has also given me great confidence.

Researchers have discovered what they believe to be a “relaxation response” to prayer.  During periods of prayer and meditation this “relaxation response” has been observed to decrease our body’s metabolism, slow the heart, lower blood pressure and calm our breathing.  This physiological state is correlated with slower brain waves, feelings of control, tranquil alertness and peace of mind.

Perhaps the most interesting study that I found was that of Tibetan Buddhists in meditation and Franciscan nuns in prayer.  During this study, researchers observed a decrease in activity in the parts of the brain that are associated with sense of self and spatial orientation.  The researchers found that prayer and meditation increase levels of dopamine, which is associated with states of well-being and joy.

Quiet the mind and the soul will speak.
Majaya Sati Bhagavati

I like to think of it in the simplest of terms, we have scripture and proverbs today because those people thought to write down what they had seen and heard.  They asked God a question, wrote it down, and waited for the answer.  Once they got a response, they wrote it down for you and me.  This practice offered them far more understanding, as they were able to tie together their wants and needs and their blessings. Journaling our sorrows, joys, desires, needs, and gratitude helps define our focus. For me, it provides a way to look back and see all that God has done for me. The more I use my prayer and gratitude journal, the more I find myself writing on behalf of others – because the more I journal, the more I realize how truly blessed I am!

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