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Bid Day Gift FAQs

Recruitment is one of the most exciting times in every sorority girl's life.  Let us help you make it an experience she will never forget!  Whether you are a mother, father, sister, cousin, friend, or just someone cheering her on, you can send her a one-of-a-kind Bid Day Gift to be delivered to her once she finds out her new on campus home! 

****COVID-19 UPDATE!****

We typically are able to assemble and deliver bid day gifts, the night of bid night to the sorority houses but with changes due to the pandemic, and restrictions of us getting to campus we will be SHIPPING all bid day gifts. We will be shipping them from a local, Knoxville post office the next day to ensure the girls get their gifts delivered to their dorms as quickly as possible! 


My Kind of Lovely is a locally owned boutique and only premier sorority boutique specializing in all things Greek for all 13 Panhellenic Chapters at the University of Tennessee. We want to be there for you and your future sorority girl whether it be Bid Day, Big/Little Reveal, Formal, Initiation, or anything else! 

We are currently accepting PREORDERS for our Bid Day Gifts that will be delivered to the girl's dorm rooms soon after bid day. Our Bid Day Gifts offer boutique-style, on trend, licensed product, and range from $50-$200. Below are some answers to some of our most common questions; however, if we forgot something, don't hesitate to reach out to us via email at shop@mykindoflovely.com. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What is a Bid Day Gift? 

A Bid Day Gift is a special surprise sent to any girl who is participating in Recruitment at the University of Tennessee. You can buy her a Bid Day Gift to be delivered to her dorm room after Bid Day! We have packages ranging from $50-$200 full of great gifts with her new letters! She'll be so excited to be decked out in her new letters within hours days of joining her new sorority!

How do I order a Bid Day Gift?

Easy! All orders can be placed online at mykindoflovely.com! You can find the Bid Day Gift options under the Greek tab! Don't forget to include your name, phone number (the best way to reach you on Bid Day!!), your Potential New Member's Name and any message you would like to send her in the comments section! 

How do I let you know which sorority she joined?

As soon as your sorority girl gets her bid, we need to hear from you! We will be touching base Bid Day morning, but as soon as you know where she will be calling "home", we will need to hear from you, so we can begin to make that special package to be shipped the very next day! 

When should I order?

Now! No really, the sooner the better, for sure. We will fill baskets on a first come, first serve basis, so if you want to insure your Bid Day Gift comes with everything of her dreams, it's best you order now, so we can give it the utmost attention on Bid Day! But don't worry, if we run out of any item, we will replace it with an equally amazing gift of equal or greater value! 

What is your return policy?

All sales are final! We have no doubt she's going to love everything you give her, but by chance there's something that's not her cup of tea, as a sorority girl, she will have plenty of opportunities to gift items to her sisters!  

Can I send one to someone who doesn't go to the University of Tennessee?

YES! You can order once you know which sorority she will be in and we will ship it out either the same day or next business day so that it gets to her as soon as possible! We still package it up super cute so she feels like she's receiving a true surprise gift in the mail! 

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